Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Snack Box

I'm reviewing a vegan snack sampler tonight.

Three months ago, as a birthday present to myself, I subscribed to a three month delivery of vegan beauty products from Vegan Cuts.  Vegan Cuts is a company that seeks out products, checks them to make sure they contain only vegan ingredients,  and then offers these products to vegan shoppers.  This is a great idea.  The boxes came like clock-work on about the 23rd of the next three months, and I was impressed by the products they contained, but I never did a review of any of them.

Towards the end of April I thought I would try a one month sample of the Vegan Cuts Snack Box.  The snack box arrived today.  Check out this photo!

The box contained full-sized packages of a number of snacks and sample size of some snacks.

The full-size snacks were:  Pop Art Thai Coconut Curry Popcorn, RW Garcia Blue & Yellow tortilla chips, Explore Asian spaghetti made from edamame beans, Dog Dark Organic energy drink, and Flamous Brands (yes that's the correct spelling!) felafel chips.   You might notice from the photo that this bag had been opened - we tried them - they're great!  Grab The Gold snack bar in chocolate-peanut butter flavour (I'm taking this to school tomorrow.  For me.)

The sample size snacks were: two packages of YumEarth jelly beans and gummies, Vibrant Health protein powder, and Crunch Master multi-grain crackers.

I'm also going to take the jelly beans and gummies to school.  You never know when you are going to need a snack!!!

Finally, that handsome fellow in the photo is my cat Buddy.

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