Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm On A Quest

My dear Mother-In-Law is getting older.  She is a lactose-intolerant, gluten-sensitive diabetic.   Despite our best efforts, she does not always eat foods that are best for her.

When my husband picked me up at the airport, he told me that he had visited her a few days earlier and had found cookies in the house that were not gluten-free, and which contained milk, and their diabetes suitability was questionable.  My FIL claims that it is hard to find the right cookies.  My DH told them they didn't need cookies if they were not appropriate for his DM's dietary needs.   There was unhappiness all around.

I have decided that I will try to make some vegan, gluten-free, diabetic appropriate cookies for her.

Today I went to my supercentre and I purchased some almond flour, some gluten free all-purpose flour and some xanthan gum - all Bob's Red Mill Brand.  The store was out of Bob's gluten-free oatmeal so I will have to go to a health food store tomorrow.  I have a few cookbooks I can use for inspiration, but the final results will be my own invention.   I have to do something about the sugar or syrup that almost all of the recipes call for - these cookies have to be sweetened more or less by their ingrediants.  It helps to remember that cookies don't have to be super sweet to be really good.

I'll keep you posted about my efforts!   I'm starting tomorrow!

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