Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Party Post-Mortem

My SIL's birthday party at our house was great!

The cake was fantastic, and I have my sister to thank for that great recipe.

I also made a potato salad using small red potatoes - so small, in fact that I only needed to cut them in half before boiling them.  I bought them at my local Loblaw store.  They are called "Little Gems" and apart from being a pain in the neck to cut, they are great for salads.  Loblaws also sells white and coloured Little Gems. I added thinly sliced red onions to the potatoes, and then added the dressing.  I added a few dashes of Trader Joe's Everyday Spice mix to the bowl.

I made the dressing out of vegenaise and dijon mustard, a dash of vegan worcestershire sauce, and plenty of black pepper.

We also had a fruit tray and a veggie tray.  I made a dip from french onion soup mix (it's vegan!), silken tofu and vegan cream cheese.  It was great.

My SIL made a beautiful salad containing a mix of greens and kale, spinach and avocado.

We had a great day!

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