Friday, January 20, 2017

The Purpose of a Dog

It appears that a dog was terribly mistreated during the filming of this movie - forced into a man-made rapids against its will.  Video has surfaced of the dog showing stress and trying to prevent itself from being placed into danger.

An outcry has developed because of this and there is a call to boycot the movie.  The movie will not be premiering as planned and there is an investigation into the situation.

People are outraged, and indeed this is a situation where outrage is warranted.

I just wish that people could save some of this outrage for all of the animals who are slaughtered for food, who are forced into the killing chutes against their will.

Why isn't the same outrage shown to animals who are killed to be food?  It's purely a question of selfish hypocrisy.  That's it and nothing more.  For all the people who say "but bacon" - shame on you.

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