Saturday, November 22, 2014

Add More Protein to Your Soup

This evening I made a nice squash soup.   I put onions, garlic, a touch of ginger, squash, carrots and a handful of small potatos into a pot with low sodium vegetable broth.  For spice I added freshly ground pepper, Trader Joe's Everyday Spice Mix, and Herbes de Province.

I brought the veggies to a hard boil for five minutes then simmered them for about twenty minutes.

I drained a can of cannellini beans and rinsed the beans in a collander, then added the beans to the soup pot.

Using my very handy Kitchenaid immersible blender, I pureed the whole pot of soup.  The potatoes added creaminess to the soup, and the beans added protein.

I know some people find this unappetising but I like to have soup like this with cubes of pressed tofu.  Failing that, I will add a can of drained, rinsed black beans to the pot before I serve it.   It isn't a good idea to puree the soup with black beans in it because the colour of the beans will make the soup look unpleasant.

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